Month: September 2018


When and How to use CrossFit Gear

THE EARLY DAYS In the early days of CrossFit Pasadena, there were no Nike metcons, no Reebok nano’s, no romaleo weightlifters, knee sleeves… you get the picture. People wore Asics and New Balance Minimus shoes, there was no market for gear….

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How to Pack for Travel with Babies & Toddlers

When travelling with your children, you need to plan for every eventuality for the journey and the holiday. Some things may seem trivial or obvious but planning for food, sleeping and entertainment can mean the difference between a pleasant journey…

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Accountability! It’s a Two-way Street

Whenever we fall short of goals within our daily personal or professional lives, we try to rationalize our failure in any number of ways that absolves us of responsibility. Lack of time and energy are among the most common excuses…


Soooo gentle, you cant help but love it!

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